About company

About company

UAB Fomisas is proud of having more than 19 years of experience selling forestry machinery, new and used parts, their accessories all over the world.

Our history

UAB Fomisas started business in the early years of independent Lithuania. Back then forestry businesses slowly started improving their working performance: old rusty soviet machinery was gradually replaced with innovative new generation Harvesters and Forwarders which upgraded the quality and efficiency of working in forests to another level. The founder of  Fomisas Antanas Mardosa began importing forestry machinery from Scandinavian and West European countries and soon after that the demand of various machinery parts appeared. The number of orders was growing steadily and Fomisas started to feel trustworthy between our clients from Lithuania and far beyond.

Our biggest strenght? Our clients trust us

Diligently selected various parts, professional advices, exclusive attention for every order – all of this was evaluated by our clients and gradually ensured mutual trust in forestry business. The experience that we gathered while solving various problems and talking personally to each customer established a long-term partnership between us and our clients. We truly believe that high-quality communication is the foundation of every business, so our goal is to ensure that every customer would receive a comprehensive assistance and clarity while buying from us.

Brand new parts. Used parts. Quality.

UAB Fomisas sells brand new and used forestry machinery parts and their accessories. Sometimes the prices of new parts are extremely high, so UAB Fomisas can offer a great alternative to save some money while buying high-quality used parts. At the moment our warehouse holds more than 10 000 different parts. Fomisas is collaborating with machinery suppliers from all the Europe and if you won’t find necessary item in our stock, we are always ready to help you finding the best price according to current market standarts.

Worthless machinery – valuable parts

Forestry machinery that is no longer working properly, was on fire or experienced any other accidents is disassembled to parts since the majority of them are still fit for further usage. UAB Fomisas buys such machines, breaks them and raises their quality parts for a second life. In this way we aim to save the resources and reduce the consumption, which is mandatory for every responsible business. Even those parts that were already used will perform perfectly and our clients that keep coming back to Fomisas can confirm this.