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Machines for a sale

John Deere 770

Year: 2000
Motohours: -
Price: 16,000 EUR

Komatsu 911

Year: 2018
Motohours: 12,200
Price: 137,500 EUR

John Deere 1270 E IT 4

Year: 2015
Motohours: 14,100
Price: 109,000 EUR

Komatsu 931

Year: 2019
Motohours: 12,980
Price: 142,000 EUR

Used parts

From small axle gears to full bogie axle; electronics, harvesting heads, crane parts, gearboxes and much more – Fomisas offers a wide range of used machinery parts. We are familiar with how expensive brand new parts can be so our team is ready to help finding used parts for the best price. Today our warehouse holds more than 10000 different parts – world wide express delivery.
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New parts

UAB "Fomisas" sells all sorts of original parts for most popular forestry machine brands. When it comes to brand new parts, the price rate is very important, so our team is ready to offer the best ratio between the price, and the quality.
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We are dealer for Pewag forestry products

Pewag tracks and chains provide reliable grip on all subsoils and protect the environment thanks to minimal soil impact. In rough terrain, reliability and stability are decisive factors for safe, efficient processes. pewag forestry tracks and chains ensure optimised traction in all terrains as well as improved wear resistance and lasting soil protection. To offer customers the right solutions for all applications and requirements, the pewag range consists of duo as well as of mono tracks.
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Manitou telescopic handler is a great choice for improving labour productivity in areas like agriculture or storage. Fomisas sells and rents different Manitou handlers. If you’re not sure which type of handler would be the best for you, our team is ready to help.
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Forestry accesories and tires

UAB Fomisas carries out wholesale trade every day, so our clients are familiar that they will find forestry machinery tires and accessories for the best prices in the market. World’s most famous manufacturers and trustworthy brands – contact us and find your best offer.
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New harvester head parts

We are official dealer for Balmec products. Balmec is a producer of harvester feed rollers, delimbing knives, roller arms, hydraulic cylinders, crane racks, measuring wheels and many other spare parts. They offer different solutions for all of the most common types of harvester heads in the world (John Deere, Ponsse, Komatsu, Waratah, Rottne, SP, Log Max, Kesla, etc). Balmec only use high quality steels so that spare parts would last longer and increase the productivity of your machine. They also produces customized harvester head parts like feed rollers, delimbing knives, measuring wheels etc. according to your specific needs.
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Our clients from all the World

About us

UAB “Fomisas” is proud of having more than 19 years of experience selling forestry machinery, brand new and used parts and their accessories all over the world.

Business that was found in the early years of independent Lithuania keeps growing– in 2020 Fomisas expanded their headquarters into a 15 000 m2 warehouse based in Kazlų Rūda, Lithuania.

Diligently selected various parts, professional advices, exclusive attention for every order – all of this was evaluated by our clients and gradually ensured mutual trust in forestry business.

Forestry machinery that is no longer working properly, was on fire or experienced any other fatalities is disassembled to parts since the majority of them are still fit for further usage.

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