New parts

New original parts

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, you’ll probably agree that everyone seeks their expenses to be as low as possible, especially when it comes to repairing. UAB Fomisas is ready to offer all sorts of original parts for the best price in the market. Contact us anytime and our team will take care of your order. Original parts of most famous forestry machine brands, professional service and fast worldwide shipping – guaranteed.

Factory reconditioned parts

There‘s no secret that every forest tractor model has its weak places. Their manufacturers often take advantage in such situation by selling all the replaceable parts for an excessive price. Therefore, UAB Fomisas offers different factory refurbished parts that are much cheaper, but the quality is equivalent to the originals. Contact us for more details – we will find what suits you the best.

Head parts

We are official dealer for Balmec products. Balmec is a producer of harvester feed rollers, delimbing knives, roller arms, hydraulic cylinders, crane racks, measuring wheels and many other spare parts. They offer different solutions for all of the most common types of harvester heads in the world (John Deere, Ponsse, Komatsu, Waratah, Rottne, SP, Log Max, Kesla, etc). Balmec only use high quality steels so that spare parts would last longer and increase the productivity of your machine. They also produces customized harvester head parts like feed rollers, delimbing knives, measuring wheels etc. according to your specific needs.

Forestry accessories and tires

New tires, tracks, chains not only improve work efficiency but also reduce fuel consumption, therefore it’s essential to choose them responsibly. Take care of your new accessories with UAB “Fomisas” – we sell different types of tires, chains, track tensioners, join links, track repair kits and much more. Our company cooperates with innovative and developed tire manufacturers from all over the world, thus we are ready to offer exceptional prices for our clients.

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